Three Coronavirus Scams Targeting Seniors and How-To Spot Them 


Con artists are constantly coming up with schemes that take advantage of the elderly. Cybercrimes against older adults have increased five times since 2014, costing more than $650 million in losses pe...


Caring for Aging Loved Ones During the Coronavirus Pandemic 


The coronavirus pandemic has made it increasingly challenging to care for our aging loved ones. Older adults are especially vulnerable to COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Based o...


Senior Nutrition Strategies to Boost Immunity 

senior nutrition

During this time when protecting ourselves from illness is at the forefront of health conversation, proper nutrition is a key defense to bolster immunity. Nutrients are substances in foods that our bo...


Beating the Mid-Quarantine Blues: A Guide for Seniors Sheltering in Place

As we are all doing our part to stay home in an effort to keep our families and communities safe, it is important we do not forget about the seniors in our lives. While state and local health official...