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The Premier In-Home Senior Care


Companionship and Emotional Support

Loneliness and isolation are common feelings as we age. Elder Home Care is committed to providing quality care as well as companionship. Our communicative caretakers engage in favorite hobbies, attend social events, prepare favorite meals and encourage exercise and proper nutrition. We recognize that our clients are independent, and our trained companions are here to assist. 

Here are more services designed with the interest of your loved ones in mind:

Getting Around Town

—Escort to medical appointments, errands and grocery stor

—Accompany clients to religious services or social events

—Keep company at weddings, baby showers, bridal showers

—Accompany clients to sports venues or games

—Coordinate with families and friends for visits and outings

Enjoying Hobbies and Interests

—Organize and read mail

—Write or type letters or correspondence

—Assist with crafts

—Coupons cutting

—Coordinate and plan trips and outings

—Read the newspaper and keep up on current events

​Meal Planning and Preparation​

—Pre-prep meals and stock freezer

—Prepare grocery list

—Teach or perform meal planning and preparation

—Shop for and put away groceries

—Prepare meals and monitor diet

—Help with special holiday meals


—Accompany client on walks

—Easy indoor exercises

​Health and Hygiene

—Mouth care







—Medication reminders

Home Cleaning


—Change linens

—Clean bathrooms


—Clean kitchen

—Clean bedroom

—Keep common living areas tidy

—Laundry, iron and sewing assistance

—Take out garbage

​​Above and Beyond Maintenance

—Pet care

—Water house plants

—Holiday decorating and assist with celebration

—Organize closets

—Supervise home mechanical repairs

​Personal Concierge Assistance

—Family and friends birthday card writing

—Memory organizing and creating photo albums

—Clutter clearing

—Organizing book and card collections

—Create a playlist for favorite music

​​Meeting Personal Obligations

—​Getting ready for dinners, parties and outings

—Preparing for doctor visits

—Errand running

—Collecting bills for bill paying

—Putting important obligations on the calendar